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2nd International Conference on
Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China
9-11 May, 2014, Wuhan University, China
11-14 May, 2014 (optional conference workshops) on Yangtze River Cruise

Global Management Adjunct Conference

In 2012 Wuhan and Lancaster Universities hosted the first International Joint Conference on 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China'. At the conclusion of this successful conference Wuhan and Lancaster committed to a series of future conferences on the same theme. This ongoing commitment was aimed at facilitating a growing network of researchers, and practitioners, interested in China related research into entrepreneurship and innovation. From the outset it was recognized that experience of theory and practice outside of China would be relevant to informing policy and practice inside China. For this reason the conference aims to be inclusive and research in developing and advanced economies that has implications for China is equally welcomed in this second Conference.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are global phenomena. Together they provide the renewal mechanisms necessary for all global economies. Building on this the 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference is an adjunct conference on the theme of globalization. It is co-sited and will take place on the same dates as the Wuhan-Laurentian Sixth Annual Global Management Conference. Conference facilities and administration will be provided by Wuhan University for both conferences. Delegates will have the unique opportunity to attend sessions across both conferences and optional workshops.

For more information and to submit a paper please visit the conference website: http://ems.whu.edu.cn/eic/EN/01/2011-12-15/8.html





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